11 thoughts on “Get Off My Lawn – GTA IV: A Preemptive Anti-Rant”

  1. Hey Randy, are the spoilers only from GTA IV? Haven’t gotten around Gay Tony and that biker fellow, yet, you know…

  2. Excellent vid. I got the message. I love GTA games, and as people can see by my random GTA IV videos on YouTube, the World wouldn’t be as cool and fun without those games.

    Almost all the characters in GTA games since Vice City I remember well because Rockstar is all about the depth of each character, just brilliant.

    Even ones I don’t like much I remember because of how unique they are or the roles they play, just two examples, Hillary in Vice City, the ginger getaway driver on that bank mission that’s sensitive about people making fun of him. And Ray Bulgarin, the crazy Russian guy that likes heavy metal and obsessed with taking over Marki Ashvili’s ice hockey team =P

    I remember Bernie Crane, I’ll always think of when he grab’s Niko’s face “Oh my god, you were the lucky one. You could slice cheese on those puppies. I must be the only Slav without cheekbones” haha =)

    I get nostalgia with the driving, I love the driving, the weighty feel of it and it’s just nice to go around the city, sometimes I even follow the traffic light patterns etc =P

    I would have loved if they had a vehicle customising thing in it though like San Andreas did, hope that’s in GTA V, can’t wait for that.

    And @zkylon there’s no spoilers from Episodes From Liberty City in it, your alright and the ‘biker dude’ is Johnny Klebitz, another cool character, not the stereotypical white trash biker.

  3. I’m still waiting for more games to jump into taboo head first… I guess Catherine was a pretty good start.

    As for GTA4, yes, they capture eras extremely well. This is why GTA3 and Vice City are so beloved… they are great parody replications of those places at those times.

    However, the problem I might have is with the parody part. The game approaches some really serious and interesting themes, but the tone of the game is always so juvenile, that they seem a bit out of place. Rockstar North needs to go one of two ways: Go so far over the top that you start forgetting what it is parodying (Saints Row has that covered), or try to make a serious attempt at making a ultra-tragic tale of the rise and fall of a life of crime. I know they can… they already did a pretty awesome job with Red Dead Redemption.

    1. You’re absolutely right. Red Dead is proof that they can make an amazing game without needing to go “goofy.”

      It will be interesting to see how they approach GTA V. Will they make it more serious like Red Dead? Or will they make it silly like Vice City?

      1. I hope they go serious… Saints Row The Third was the perfect stupid open world romp, so I don’t want more of that. I want something new.

  4. Aw, man, now i feel like installing GTA IV all over again. I wish it could hold a steady framerate on my rig.

    The post 9/11 time capsule thing was what hooked the most about GTA IV. I’m not a fan of the Housers’ writing (this became a lot more apparent to me after playing RDR), but Rockstar’s world building is amazing (RDR was one of their greatest in that regard), specially on the details. Just being in Liberty City is one of the most memorable videogame experiences i had in recent years.

    1. I know, I have been looking at the GTA4 complete edition for the PS3… I think its time to buy it. I just hate the shooting controls.

  5. Ahhhh the world before touch screen phones. What a time. At least now i can get gunplay and explosions straight to my mobile device.

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