14 Jan

Heads Up Display or HUD for short is a fast paced news show featuring everything you need to know about the gaming industry, and nothing more.

For the details of all the stories featured in this week’s show head to the news sections of elder-geek.com

PS: Sorry for the late post guys, somehow it slipped my mind to actually post this thing up on here, it’s been on youtube for a week though so hopefully most of you guys got it.

One thought on “HUD: 2011 Gaming Year in Review”

  1. Some big things happened in 2011… everyone got hacked (XBL is finally back for my roommate), videogames are now protected by 1st amendment (finally), the DRM issue is still up in the air, more games going F2P, the rise and fall and rise of games (DNF, Metal Gear Rising, Last Gaurdian)…

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