31 Jan

In an interview with VG247, Insomniac Games head Ted Price revealed that makers of the core trilogy of Resistance shooters were officially finished with the franchise. The Resistance franchise, while critically lauded, has never struck enough of a chord on shelves, Insomniac’s last game in the series – Resistance 3 – having consistently sold fewer units than its direct prequel. Despite the figures, the franchise will live on with other studios. The Vita-bound Resistance: Burning Skies is currently being handled by Nihilistic Software (Conan, Playstation Move Heroes).

Sony insists that they still have a “working relationship” with the once Playstation-exclusive developer, while Insomniac is currently keeping both its upcoming multiplatform shooter Overstrike and its new social games division Insomniac Click under wraps for now.

Sad to see Insomniac move away from Resistance, EGs? Or we all amongst those who liked the game on paper, but never bought an actual copy? Give us your thoughts in the comments section!

4 thoughts on “Insomniac Finished with ‘Resistance’”

  1. Allowing developers to branch out to different projects is good for the creativity of the entire team. Personally I believe some games should only be a trilogy and not be expanded, while some lend themselves to many sequels.

    I want to see what Insomniac will come up with next. They are a talented bunch of people.

  2. I’ve only ever played the demo of the first Resistance, I liked it quite alot especially that gun called the bullseye I think, shoot one bullet into a enemy then the rest of the bullets in that clip can lock onto ’em, brilliant but i never got one of the games because I was told by my friend that you couldn’t change the controls, I really didn’t like those in the demo sadly.

    Weapons are one of the best things Insomniac come up with, I’ve always loved Ratchet & Clank for this the most.

    I hope Insomniac make another Racthet & Clank game, ever since the first game I’ve loved them but it’s good that they’re making brand new games, I just hope because they keep Ratchet & Clank exclusive to Playstation and put other stuff on multiplatform.

  3. Oh and I’m REALLY glad that Insomniac are not going to ‘milk’ the Resistance franchise like (cough) crap of duty =P

    Resistance is a very popular franchise so they could have done that but didn’t so I’m proud of Insomniac for that, the biggest fans of Resistance should be proud of them aswell, fair play to them.

  4. Well at some good comes out this.

    Insomniac can work on the awesome looking Overstrike game, and they can continue to make Ratchet & Clank games top-notch, unlike All 4 One which didn’t do justice to the series.

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