02 Jan

Though the recently released Playstation Vita managed to rack up more than 325,000 during its first week on the Japanese shelves, a report by IndustryGamers.com indicates that the handheld didn’t manage to move more than 72.500 units during its second week. When asked by Bloomberg to comment on these figures, the head of PR for Sony Computer Entertainment issued a “no comment”.

The highest ranking PS Vita software for the second week was Minna no Golf, which held on to the 37th spot in the rankings. The latest handheld by Sony is currently only available in Japan, and will be released in the United States and Europe on February 22nd.

2 thoughts on ““No Comment” From Sony on Declining Vita Sales”

  1. It is only the third week the system is on sale, it isn’t expected to do that well. Look at the 3DS, it was in a similar situation.

    Just give it a few months to get more games out to see how it does.

    1. Not to mention that Christmas buying was mostly over by the second week, and the simple fact that most people who plan to buy it right away will buy it first day.

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