02 Feb

A digital discount for Playstation Vita games has been rumored for a while now, but a recent report of Best Buy receiving demo shipments of the handheld seems to have added a new-found validity to the speculation. A NeoGAF user recently got their hands on one of the units, coming away with a screen grab of a PS Vita pre-order list for the store (above). From said listing, it looks like the digital versions of Vita games will indeed come with at least a few dollars in savings.

Averaging out to around a 10% discount, AAA games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss are marked to $45 from $50, with $40 games like MLB 12 selling for $37, and games in the $30 range (like Little Deviants) offered at $27. A Sony spokesman has since informed 1UP that an announcement is planned “in the very near future” regarding Vita price differentials.

4 thoughts on “Rumor: Best Buy Confirms Discounts for Vita Digital Games?”

  1. Smart idea. There is no production and shipping costs, so why does that need to be charged for.

    Now to see if Sony will have more sales like Steam to boost sales and get people to buy more games.

    1. I get that but a sd card and a bit of plastic doesn’t cost much at all, and for the ones like me who get off their butt and go to the shop to buy a real version of the game, it isn’t right.

      The way things changed with internet shopping giving discounts is what’s ruining real shops in my opinion, everything will be digital in the future and I think it’s crap.

      What are people gonna come up with next, digital food and drink? pathetic to me.

      1. There is a need for certain things to be physical, but with games they don’t need to be that way anymore. Hard drives have high capacities and are relatively inexpensive. Sure I like my physical copies as much as the next geek and especially collector, but a lot of my PC games lately have been purchased on downloadable services. I don’t really see the problem, especially if I can have the games on multiple computers (but when using Steam you can only be logged in on one machine at a time; not a real big problem).

        Really the price should be reduced to reflect the actual cost of the product without including the cost of production and shipping. That should be what downloadable games should cost. Though that causes a problem with retail stores. What the people at Sony need to realize is that they can’t charge a premium on downloadable games when the MSRP for the physical game is well below its shipping price (there are too many examples to cite).

        1. It’s a personal thing for me, a preference in another way aswell and one other thing, I use a really crappy internet so I can’t download big games, I have to wait long hours for a average demo to download, it should just be fair and have the same prices in all types.

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