01 Feb

Perhaps to offset a repeat of the 3G Vita SKU’s floundering Japanese figures, Sony recently revealed two new bundles for the handheld’s launch in the States. Those that already pre-ordered the First Edition bundle for the device will be getting an AT&T DataConnect Pass voucher for a free 250mb session, as well as a yet to be determined Playstation Network game. The First Edition pre-orders will still be shipped one week in advance of the February 22nd launch, with Amazon continuing to guarantee delivery by the 15th.

A new Launch Bundle is also being made available, which includes an 8gb memory card, AT&T DataConnect Pass, and a Playstation Network game (t0 be determined). The offer is exclusive to Amazon (so far), which promises launch day delivery. It’s worth noting that any AT&T DataConnect Pass will not be applied until after the owner’s first paid session, the free game not being made available until after the user’s first month on the DataConnect plan.

The combined value of the bundle is around $60 (the 8gb card valued at $30, the data plan and PSN game both at $15). Many gamers that pre-ordered the First Edition bundle have complained that the new bundle is a much superior value, and they feel cheated in their inability to switch their advance purchases.

“The DataConnect Pass provides 250MB of data after you activate and complete your first session. And the PSN game has not yet been announced but will be a $15 value.” Sony said in a reply to customers.

Will the US launch of the 3G Vita be as bad as Sony apparently believes it to be? And if it is, will these new offers be enough to offset it? Give us the EG opinion in the comments section!

3 thoughts on “Sony Debuts New Vita Launch Bundles”

  1. I just think they should lower the overall prices of everything, would be much better.

    Right now it costs even more than a PS3 slim console =/

  2. I think that Sony doesn’t understand the western market and its spending habits. Were just not that comfortable to buy a high priced, gaming only product. Tablets have games as well as music, web browsing, and can be used for school, the PSVita will probably have all of these (excluding the School use) and will probably not be good at any of them.

    Personally I’m only considering buying it if I see the price go down. If not, I’ll buy it second hand or not at all. Any hand held over the price of $150 is too much of a price if you ask me.

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