7 thoughts on “A Special Elder-Geek.com Video Announcement”

  1. Question: I’m a lazy illiterate horrible person that’d rather listen that read. Is this gonna be in video form?

    Looking forward to it no matter the answer.

  2. Ah here it is =)

    For the ideas about the videos, I’d like to hear you and your friends/colleagues opinions of PS Vita, do you like the menu(only touch screen stuff) and do you like the feel of it/buttons, I tried it and think they’re all too small, should just take a PS2 controller and stick a nice screen in the middle of it =/

    Maybe what games are you all looking forward to most this year?

    And ‘games to film’ – what do you think are crap and what do you think are good.

    For example, in my opinion Far Cry = complete disgraceful s**t
    but Silent Hill = good film and very atmospheric even though I’ve only tried the first game, I know the setting and characters like pyramid head.

    Resident Evil films I’ve got mix of feelings.

    1. I agree with the movies. Most are bad (including the new Prince of Persia… the characters were all kinds of wrong), but there are some good ones like the first RE, the first Mortal Kombat, and Silent Hill. They aren’t perfect movies, but the stay fairly loyal too what they are portraying.

    2. I’d say Silent Hill is actually a bad movie in spite of the great moody photography and atmosphere. As an adaptation, it misses the point completely, characters are paper thin and most performances are very classic horror stuff, and in general it goes nowhere and does nothing with the whole concept of Silent Hill. The Silent Hill games are about psychological horror (2, 3 and 4 more than any other) and if you’re looking for that in the movie, you’re wasting your time.

      It is really pretty to watch, though, and I enjoyed it for what it was.

  3. Hey Randy, I have an idea for a segment for Elder-geek. The articles that go into the personal side of gaming are always my favorite (do’s and don’ts of gamers in relationships), and I know every gamer has a story that makes them the gamer they are today. Why not do a piece that looks less at the games that influenced them, and more at the experiences that led them to geekdom.

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