13 Mar

(Friday) Mar 16 – Diablo 3 Release Date, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, and Elder Scrolls Online

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(Wednesday) Mar 14 – Ys Comes to PC and Obsidian Lays Off Over 20 Workers

Neverwinter Nights 2 Icewind Dale Mod

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(Tuesday) Mar 13 – Wasteland 2 and Double Fine Adventure Kickstarters

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(Monday) Mar 12 – Viewer Mail and the Continuation of the Mass Effect 3 Controversy

8 thoughts on “Elder Speak (Week of March 12 – 16)”

  1. @tuesday video
    More than the Kickstarter issue, the real question here is: where do mid-budget studios like Double Fine fit in, in an industry that’s either three guys in a basement (that sounds kinda dirty…) or 600 employees mega evil corporations?

    With the advent of the new console generation, many of these 30 or so employees studios are probably under a great deal of distress over the higher development costs the new generation will bring. I hope more publishers focused on the mid-developers emerge (like Paradox) so that Double Fine or Obsidian or any other developer can find that sweet spot between bombastic, popcorn, positive reinforcement mainstream games and (often) pretencious, inaccesible, or gameplay-lite indie games.

    Gaming will gain a lot from creating a viable way to support the mid-budget developer, be it Kickstarter, publishers or something new entirely.

  2. @wednesday video
    With Brian Fargo again on the spotlight, I wouldn’t mind him riding on the success of Wasteland 2 (which as of this writing is at 36k away from getting the 900k kickstart) and turning Inxile into a big player of the mid-range publishers world. The man’s clearly capable of getting a publisher to extract an incredible output out of their talented and creative, so I would love seeing some sort of RPG renaissance, with Inxile as the new Interplay and Obsidian as the new Black Isle.

    Developers desperately need some breathing room in the financing department or we’ll be stuck in FPS limbo forever.

      1. Was that intro specially made for EG?

        VG247 is a poorly regarded site so I don’t know if they’ll comply if you ask them to stop using the intro. Don’t know if they use it for any other videos, either, but if you don’t like it, you should still contact them and ask them to refrain from using the intro.

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