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  1. @monday
    Capcom’s a shell of its former self and I don’t really see them going back so I don’t mind they being honest about what their intentions are. I hope there were other japanese studios attempting real survival horror, though. Imagine FROM taking a shot at that. It’d be amazing.

    But other than that, I just gotta say the RE6 trailer was so f*cking ridiculously amazing it gave me chills. And this comes from someone that hated RE5 to death. I mean, really, a blonde Jill?

  2. I’m really looking forward to GTA V, I just can’t wait, maybe at this year’s E3 they’ll show a really good trailer with plenty of gameplay footage and give a release date, I’m hoping and guessing around october like San Andreas in 2004 was.

    I want ALOT from GTA V, customising cars, clothes, gyms etc, military at 6 star wanted level, parachutes and better in depth multiplayer modes especially ones where you play co-op and get money to rank up.

    Capcom are so full of crap, they said they’re “swaying away from the survival horror genre”? they abandoned it more like and they did that after Resident Evil Code Veronica(or outbreak? can’t remember which was last).

    They’re just crap 3rd person shooters now and I believe the 6th is gonna be just as shit as the 5th, I thought after the last producer / lead quit that they’d go back to the classic horror but no.

    I hear you Randy, I hope Resident Evil doesn’t become as recycled as crap of duty.

    Good video.

  3. In your ‘Sony battles Vita hackers’ video about 1:57 I love those ship explosions, looks like fireworks going off, very nice looking game.

    Cool guest you had with you, but when you were both talking about your first game machines that just sounded like a load of letters and numbers to me =P

    I didn’t know EA was one of the worst companies, I’m really out of touch with that thing haha, back in time when C&C and Medal of Honor was brilliant and Need for Speed Underground was all the rage, EA was one of the best.

    Might seem a bit mean but it doesn’t surprise me at all that there’s alot of piracy with Vita, the games do look good on it but they shouldn’t cost as much or more than PS3 games, the Vita already costs quite a lot(more than the average PS3) and the memory cards are pathetic in my opinion.

    I’ve never used a ‘pandora battery’ but I don’t see the bad thing with that, the people who come up with it are only supporting more games that Sony should have done themselves. I think of the pandora battery as the modders of all the cool PC mods around.

    I still use my old chunky PSP, but only for films and music, the worst thing about it is one analog stick that looks and feels like a little speaker, but now that the Vita has two analog sticks it still feels uncomfortable to play game to me, just too cramped… and not the Dual Shock.

    Sending cupcakes to show how angry you are at a game’s ending especially if they cost alot is so dull, I’d send a couple of red, blue and green trash bags full of horse crap or something, I got the ‘red, blue and green cupcakes tasting the same’ thing hahaha, you both chuckling about it =)

    Good video, I like these videos alot, take a while to load though with crappy internet, keep it going.

  4. @wednesday
    Actually, I disagree with your conclusion, Randy (don’t I always?). I do think the press is broken.

    There’s a ton of worthwhile sites out there, yeah, but people make their purchases based on the worst offenders all the time: Kotaku, Destructoid, IGN, etc. Those sites grab the most hits and they publish questionable material all the freaking time. Barely researched news, anonymous rumors, hype-fed reviews (the list of infamous reviews is long, with particularily cringeworthy cases IGN’s GTA IV and MGS4 reviews or The Escapist’s review of DAII), interviews that are just ads, etc.

    These are the sites that run the press right now. There are a few popular sites that seem to be right on track like Giant Bomb or RPS, but they’re a minority.

    Compare the game industry to film. The most consulted critic in the film industry is the now-infamous Roger Ebert, who, in spite of his childish attitude towards games, is a phenomenal and dependable critic.

    The problem, like you said, is two-sided, but I’d like to tip the balance on the other side. Gamers aren’t at fault for journalist being (even if it’s unintentionally) dishonest. The vicious circle of ad-revenue and early review copies and whatnot was created by journalists and publishers. Not a single gamer was consulted or gave her approval for this. Today, gamers act like a symptom of that vicious cycle, but nothing more. They give ME3 0s on Metacritic out of outrage and emotion. If a journalist just got swept by the hype (what I bet is the common scenario) and awarded a game an undeserved score, she still hold responsible for the review she published and for the betrayal to her readers.

    Gamers should be more aware of this and stop paying attention to untrustworthy sites, yeah, but it’s the press’ responsability to self enforce being more transparent. Gamers have to be vigilant of its press, but they are not the ones to blame.


    And I was to add something as a PS. I love EG and all you guys to death but I gotta say, you’re not an ad free site. While I don’t question your integrity a single bit (I do have my share of opinions on your taste :D), I can see how running their ads can influence your work. For instance, not writing negative articles about GG or toning down criticism of a game featured in that site. I haven’t seen any indications of you guys acting any different since GG started acting as a sponsor, but I feel it has to be said.

    //sorry if all of this came out ranty, but you guys uploaded your video late at night and I’m way past my bedtime…

    1. I know, it took forever for YouTube to do their compression destruction this time.

      You always disagree with me, but you always do so intelligently. We don’t see eye to eye on a lot of games (except Mount and Blade, but if you don’t like that series, you might be a terrorist).

      “Blame” isn’t quite the word I’m looking for. Because the FAULT definitely lies within the industry. You’re right. No gamer or reader asked to be taken advantage of. But the SOLUTION I feel is only in the hands of viewers / readers. “Responsibility” is probably the better choice of words. It’s like an owner and pet relationship. If your pet poops on the carpet, it’s your pet’s fault. But as the owner, it’s your responsibility to clean up after it.

      Good point about the GG sponsorship. That’s an altogether different relationship that I will probably touch on at some point in the future.

      1. Hey, I don’t ALWAYS disagree with you, it was just a manner of speaking. For instance, I’m gonna agree with everything you just posted, because I think it’s quite true.

        I also share a little bit of optimism with you on where the game press is going. A few years back, you couldn’t even find the few awesome sites that exist today, so there’s certainly a motion going in that direction, even if there’s no end in sight for the ad-revenue abominations.

        Lastly, I don’t personally mind the GG sponsorship and I didn’t mind the ads before. I don’t think ads dictate what a site writes, but I do think that if the writer feels she received something that could directly or indirectly (advertising on the site, presskits, earlier review copies and whatnot) influence her review, she should mention it.

        Besides, I use Adblock. One of the casters here actually told me how to use it. So it all pans out in the end, doesn’t it?

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