27 Mar

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YOU VOTED, WE DEBATE!  We throw down March Madness-style to find the #1 Game of All Time.  Huge matchups, upsets, and glory to follow!

2 thoughts on “JumpMen Podcast Ep 85: #1 Game of All Time”

  1. You pitted a lot of my favorites against other favorites… SotC vs Soul Reaver in the first round… fml (my symbol is the mark of Kain). My final ended up being Rockband vs SotC.

    Other games that I would have liked to have seen would have been Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy Tactics, DMC3 (so much better than the trash that was DMC4… sorry Chad), Starcraft, Diablo 2, League of Legends, Ratchet and Clank, Resident Evil 2, Digimon World, Earthbound, Halflife, Doom 2, and others I can’t think of.

    PS: Eric… RPGs are awesome.

  2. It was tough leaving out RE2. I don’t really care for RPGs because I like to fight bad guys, the standing around and selecting actions is tough on me. But I can totally see why people like them. I always enjoyed watching Chad beat Final Fantasy games.

    Metal Gear Solid is like Syphon Filter, too much emphasis is placed on going around undetected. I like charging into battle. Doom 2 just missed the cut. Love that game. Rockband was played for hours at Chad’s wedding. Good times.

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