04 Apr

Acting as an interesting epilogue to the accusations of sexual harassment that were labeled against the fighting game community in the wake of comments made by Wednesday Night Fights commentators last month, an online media network specializing in adult entertainment is looking to get into game tournament sponsorship. Based on the Twitter account of Brazzers’ Director of Special Events Rob Steele (and on this livestream in particular) the network is hoping to get into sponsoring existing fighting game events/tournaments and holding their own.

No concrete arrangements or partnerships have been announced as of yet, but we recommend bracing yourself for the next round of social media warfare over the hot button topics that have surrounded the fighting tourny subset of the industry for a while now.

One thought on “Adult Movie Network Looking to Support Fighting Game Events”

  1. I don’t think it will happen. The owners of those services may want that to happen, but a lot of video game companies support tournaments as well. I don’t believe that the likes of Capcom, Namco Bandai and others would want to associate with a porn company. Besides the tournaments are open to a broad range of age groups and children can be seen either participating in those events or attending.

    Now if the companies want to start their own tournaments, then that is fine, but I don’t think EVO would buy into this.

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