17 Apr

Nintendo has confirmed that new Mario and Pikmin software for their upcoming Wii U console will debut at this year’s E3. In regards to Mario, a statement from the Big N said that the game “is based on the Mario experience that was demonstrated at last year’s E3 Expo”. Pikmin was promised by Nintendo via an El Mundo report, series producer Shigeru Miyamoto promising that the game – unsurprisingly – “will take advantage of the new HD screen resolution”. Further details on both games, as well as other plans Nintendo has for E3 2012, will be revealed in the month and a half leading into the convention.

(via Eurogamer, IGN)

One thought on “New ‘Mario’, ‘Pikmin’ Games for Wii U to Debut at E3 2012”

  1. I have been waiting for the Pikmin 3 announcement since 2008 when it was first talked about by Miyamoto that he was working on it. This year’s E3 lineup from Nintendo is starting to take shape and looking good so far.

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