Journey FeatureImage 26 Jun

Journey-developer thatgamecompany has announced on its website that a disc-based version of Journey will be making its way to North American retailers by August 28th in the form of a “Collector’s Edition”. This disc-based version of the game will be made available for $29.99 and, just like the digital version of the game, will be exclusively available for the Playstation 3.

In addition to the game, which was released exclusively on Playstation Network last March, the Collector’s Edition will include copies of thatgamecompnay’s previous titles fl0w and Flower, a 30-minute documentary about the making of Journey, original soundtracks for all three games, as well as the following:

  • Play-throughs videos of all three games, including developer commentary
  • Three exclusive mini-games, that were created by the developers during a 24-hour game jam.
  • Screenshot / Concept art galleries for fl0w, Flower, and Journey.
  • Dynamic XMB themes and wallpapers
  • Several PSN avatars, including 8 exclusive Journey avatars.

thatgamecompany developed fl0w, Flower, and Journey as part of an agreement with Sony, under which the developer would create three titles exclusively for the Playstation 3. A new project that is currently in development at the studio will be released later this year.