06 Jun

In an interview with Kotaku, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Producer Ichiro Hazama stated that he’d like to make similar games using the soundtracks from Dragon QuestA mention of the possibility of Chrono Trigger reportedly got an enthusiastic response from the designer, who stated he would love to continue the Theatrhythm trend with the non-numbered entries in the Final Fantasy franchise.

“It’s not confirmed yet, but I do personally hope that I can do something related to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for other titles, for other games,” Hazama said.

One thought on “E3: Ichiro Hazama Wants ‘Dragon Quest’ and ‘Chrono Trigger’ Music Games”

  1. Dragon Quest works because of all the games in the series but Chrono Trigger only has Chrono Cross as a sequel. I don’t really feel like just playing Chrono Trigger as a rhythm game. The charm is cameos and different stages plus the music from many games across the series.

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