explosion 22 Jun

Hey everyone. I just wanted pop in super quick to drop a short note letting you know that this weekend we’re going to *try* to do some rather large site updates. By the end of the weekend, you might be seeing a new face to Elder-Geek.com.

Without a doubt, we’ll miss this current design of the website. It has served us well these past few years and I can’t thank Nate Yungkans enough for the work he’s done with it.

But who knows? The new version might not work and we may still have this same look by the end of the weekend.

But expect some site wonkiness over the weekend. All the links *should* remain the same, but visually it’s going to be pretty different. And of course, over the next few months, we’ll try to hammer out any kinks that come our way.

Thanks again to everyone for your continued support of Elder-Geek.com!


10 thoughts on “From the Editor – Weekend Updates”

  1. Hopefully that means the much needed addition of being able to open multiple news tabs from the front page.

    Can’t wait to see what you guys do with the site.

      1. Woops, should have said open multiple links from the main page into new tabs. With the flash links now you can’t open links to tabs unless you go to the new page or from within a story.

  2. Not sure how much I like the new format (I loved the magazine covers), but I’ll give it a fair shake. I do like how the stream is easier to follow.

    1. Believe me, we will forever miss the magazine covers. Honestly. It really made us stand out.

      Unfortunately, it didn’t make us very mobile friendly at ALL, and there were a few other features that were slowly getting broken in time. Perhaps someday we’ll go back to something similiar, but for now, we’re all pretty happy with the flow of this setup.

      1. New site looks cool, and the mobile site is much better. I have noticed that the site logo in portrait mode doesn’t fit within the screen but in landscape it is fine (ads also don’t fit in portrait).

        Would also be nice to have a log in tab at the top of the page instead of all the way at the bottom (it was really convenient on the left side of the old site).

        It will take a bit of getting use to, but the new social media bar at the side should help in getting articles out. The site looks really snazzy now.

        1. Thanks Keck. Still some bugs to kill etc. etc., but I’m just glad that it went as smoothly as it did. We’ll add some more polish and usability as times goes by.

  3. I’m not sure I like how much real estate the right side stuff (twitch tv, etc.) takes, but other than that, I think it looks clean, it’s fast, it’s not freaking Flash (thank god) and I love that crazy search bar 😀

    I think overall, I’m gonna be using the site more just because I can middle click news and they’ll open in a new tab, so this def’s a win.

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