vita 12 Jun

MCV reports that Grasshopper Manufacture will be publishing five new Playstation Vita titles later this month, all of which have been developed by students of game-related studies. More details are included after the jump.

Nine games were submitted to Grasshopper as part of the Game Campus Festa, a programme the company has set up in cooperation with Japanese schools. Ideas for the games were pitched last June, with development starting in September 2011 and lasting through February 2012.

The five games include Octalide (action title), Mou Sou Srur Shike Nai (a puzzle game), as well as three puzzle action titles: Uni Uni Union, Eledive, and Volt.

All games will be launched through Playstation Network for the Playstation Vita on June 21. It’s currently unclear at what price the games will be released, or whether the games will also be making their way to North America.