fatal-frame 24 Jun

Eurogamer reports that Nintendo has acquired co-ownership of the Project Zero IP, a series that is known as Fatal Frame in Western Territories. The company also appears to have acquired full ownership rights to the Nintendo Wii-edition of Project Zero 2: Crimson Butterfly and spin-off Spirit Photography.

Nintendo now shares the ownership rights of the franchise with Tecmo Koei. The company has not made any statements as to whether it is bringing a future installment in the franchise to the Nintendo WiiU, which appears to be a natural fit for the series given the prevalence of camera-driven mechanics in earlier installments.

In the past, installments in the Project Zero-franchise were made available on the Xbox, Playstation 2, with the third installment in the series being a Playstation 2-exclusive. It is unclear whether the stake Nintendo has in the franchise will mean that future games will not make their way to other platforms.

A remake of Project Zero 2: Crimson Butterflies is slated for release on the Nintendo Wii in Europe on June 29th. A North American release has not been announced as of yet.