12 Jun

E3 was just last week, but rumors about one of the most hoped for announcement have already begun populating the web. Both the price and release date for Nintendo’s Wii U have supposedly been leaked. Online retail outlet ShopTo lists the console itself for £280, which averages out to $435. It is worth noting that most consoles sell for cheaper outside the EU, often times retailing at the same amount of dollars for euros as Sony’s Playstation Vita did, so a $280 price tag may not be out of the question. Software titles like ZombiU were also listed at £40 ($62).

Leaked Nintendo Gamer scans (via Eurogamer) may have also transitively leaked the release date for the Big N’s next hardware. Advertising a Wii U version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for the system, the reported release window for the game – and thus the console – sits sometime this November. Nintendo has previously suggested it wanted to get the Wii U out before Christmas, but has no made announcements beyond that. The scans do appear to recycle screenshots already used to promo other versions of the game.