Comp Bungie Featurebanner 11 Jul

Former ‘Beatles’-member Sir Paul McCartney has announced on his Twitter feed that he is collaborating with Halo-developer Bungie on the mysterious project that is currently only known as Destiny. The Tweet by McCartney also included a picture of him together with Bungie’s composer Marty O’Donnell.

According to a report by VentureBeat McCartney had already announced he was involved in a video game project, but had not disclosed on which project or with which studio he was collaborating. At that time, McCartney indicated that he considers video games to be a fascinating market, and that he was excited that young people would hear his music in video games for the very first time.

Two years ago, McCartney was involved in the promotion of EA’s Rock Band: The Beatles. Though nothing is known regarding his involvement in Project Destiny, it is known that this game is slated for a release some time during Fall 2013, and that is being published by Activision.