ouya-onlive_630x 31 Jul

Report filed by Rakan Stanbouly

According to Bruce Grove, General Manager at OnLive, fans of the popular cloud based gaming service will be able to access their OnLive library on the $99 Kickstarter console wunderkind: the OUYA. Now, along with their Android game library, OUYA owners with an OnLive account will now be able to stream a wide variety of games straight to the OUYA console (provided their internet connection meets OnLive’s minimum requirements).

This service potentially bypasses OUYA’s Kickstarter pledge that “at least some gameplay has to be free,” and not all OnLive games have demos. We have contacted the office behind OUYA for comment on said possibility, and will update when we receive a response. OnLive service will be available at the OUYA’s March 2013 launch window. The console makers also recently announced that the episodic prequel to Human Element (the full game set to release in 2015) as their first first-party exclusive.