Project Hell 29 Aug

Report filed by Rakan Stanbouly

Announced through the game’s official blog, Dead Island developer Techland has created a separate team to develop a new IP, code named Project Hell. According to the debut post “It started inconspicuously with an internal weapon mod for Dead Island created by one of the developers – MZM (his real name is Marcin).” The game is planned as a “FPP hack’n’slash game in a dark fantasy setting.”

“Our main goal is to make a game we can all enjoy playing so don’t expect unicorns and fairies – we prefer breaking through hordes of undead minions only to slaughter their devilish and loathsome masters in a bloody boss-fight.” reads the official blog, in part, “To achieve that we’ll use our experience already gained in game development and enhanced technology from Dead Island. We believe that we can make something really unique and thrilling and share it with you. Keep your fingers crossed.”

In a joke at the expense of the crowd sourcing trend, the blog closes in a confirmation that “…we won’t be asking for your money on Kickstarter.”

No other information – including release date or platforms – has been provided as of yet.