final-fantasy-XIII-lightning 02 Aug

Turns out Final Fantasy Versus XIII may not have as much to do with Square Enix’s upcoming “New Developments Presentation” as many had previously hoped. New details on the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary coming up September 1st have surfaced from Famitsu (via Andriasang), and it seems to point more towards the rumors of a Final Fantasy XIII-3.

Yoshinori Kitase, a producer on Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2, spoke to the Japanese gaming publication regarding the next development in the Final Fantasy XIII project. Currently under the working title “Lightning Saga”, the game reportedly just recently began production. Both tidbits rule out the long-in-development and Lightning-less (as far as we’ve been told) Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which some fans had been hoping would be the major takeaway from the presentation.

The presentation is part of a larger fan event Square Enix is holding from August 31st through September 2nd in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo.