insane-logo 08 Aug

The planned horror trilogy from film director Guillermo Del Toro (“Pan’s Labyrinth”, “Hellboy”) and Volition Inc. (Saints Row, Red Faction) will no longer be housed at THQ. All rights have been returned to Del Toro, who has yet to release a statement on THQ’s decision or whether there are any plans to move the IP to a new developer.

“We have decided not to pursue further pre-production on Insane, and have returned all of our IP rights to Guillermo del Toro,” THQ CEO Jason Rubin told investors last night. “By cancelling these explorations outside of our core business, we feel we can improve focus on our core game portfolio, which remains unchanged.”

But THQ is not lacking for games in the pipeline. According to Rubin, four new projects are in production, in addition to the studio’s existing, announced properties.

“I’ve been focusing primarily on upcoming projects including Darksiders 2, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Metro: Last Light and Homefront 2, as well as the titles being developed by Turtle Rock Studios, Collision, Crytek and Patrice DĂ©silets…Beyond our announced titles, in the last 60 days, all four of our internal studios began working on new titles that represent the type of product we believe will make THQ successful in the future.”

(via Official Xbox Magazine)