Andriasang 14 Sep

Andriasang has just announced the termination of daily updates their site. Anoop Gantayat, owner of Andriasang, left some final words in his last update earlier this week, stating “I’ve decided to take up a new non game-related opportunity that I reckon will keep me super ultra busy, so I will be ceasing daily updates.”

“I may do some database-driven stuff and technology tests (look closely, and you may see the site’s backend code base change from PHP to node.js!), but I won’t be doing articles or updates.” Gantayat continued, “The site’s archive and comments will remain in place, so you can still consult old content and share it with your children, and one day their children too…Thanks for reading all these years, and a special thanks to everyone who registered and posted comments – even the punk asses I banned.”

Andriasang and Gantayat have been a reliable and trusted source of news for the entire gaming community for years (particularly when it came to pre-release news from Famitsu), and while we at Elder Geek are sad to see the site closing, we wish all involved the best for the future.

(Via CVG)

Report filed by Rakan Stanbouly