city-of-heroes 20 Sep

Having officially announced the closure of City Of Heroes on August 31st, NCSoft has informed it’s customers that they will be issuing refunds to paid subscribers (and those with other outstanding account balances) beginning on September 26th. Anybody who created a subscription after September 1st, or purchased in-game currency after August 26th, will be receiving a refund in their “original method of payment”. If a customer paid using Game Time Cards with outstanding subscription balances as of September 1st,  they are advised to contact NCSoft and request a wire-transfer.

To all those who previously subscribed as a VIP up until September 1st, they will “will be flagged as VIP for the remainder of the duration, sans recurring billing. Unfortunately [NCSoft] will not be able to flag any accounts that were not VIP as such during this period. ” The full message, and further information on individual refunds, can be seen on the Paragon website.

(via GamePolitics)

Report filed by Rakan Stanbouly