Game On 11 Oct

Bridgestone has responded to Sony’s recent breach of contract allegations involved in the tire company’s use of actor Jerry Lambert, recognizable as Playstation’s faux “VP of Everything” Kevin Butler, in a recent “Game On” promotion featuring a Wii giveaway. Bridgestone released a statement to the Hollywood Reporter claiming that actor Jerry Lambert was not performing as Sony’s Kevin Butler during the commercial, instead acting as an unnamed Bridgestone engineer.

The tire manufacturer hopes to show that there is currently no registered trademark for Kevin Butler by Sony, but more importantly that there is no demonstrable correlation between the Butler and Bridgestone engineer characters. It is worth noting that in recent runs of the TV spot, Kevin Butler appears to have been edited out of it entirely (via Kotaku).

“Mr. Lambert is one of the actors who appeared in the commercial as a Bridgestone engineer,” read Bridgestone’s statement, in part. “Bridgestone denies that ‘Kevin Butler’ appears in the Bridgestone commercial discussed herein and thus denies that he speaks or does anything whatsoever in the commercial.”

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter, via Side Mission)

Report filed by Rakan Stanbouly