Arma III Devs 20 Nov

Having spent 70 days in jail in Greece, ArmA 3 developers Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar have been awaiting further decision – and action – but the local courts. According to Czech news site Rozhlas, the two developers have been refused bail by the Greek court overseeing their case. This, coupled with the strike affecting the Greek legal system means they will be waiting weeks longer than normal to get a verdict on their alleged criminal activity.

Buchta and Pezlar are accused of spying on Greek military installations, and face up to 20 years in jail if proven guilty. Bohemia has been denying all claims that they were purposefully recording military base footage to be recreated in ArmA 3, claiming the two were on vacation.

The families of the developers have escalated complaints to the Czech prime minister, saying the government is not pushing hard enough to get the men released. “We cannot agree with the statement [that we’re not doing enough],” a foreign ministry spokesman said. “We are very intensely working on this matter from all possible angles.”

(Via EuroGamer)

Report filed by Rakan Stanbouly