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It’s almost certain that Escape Goat has the video game market cornered on goat protagonists. Not that people are clamoring for goat games. Originally released on Xbox Indies in 2011, recently Escape Goat has been re-released on PC for a scant $5. Along with it, the developer Magical Time Bean packed an additional 50 challenge levels on top of the standard 50. For $5 Escape Goat is a bargain, and we can’t recommend it enough.

Trapped inside the Prison of Agnus, you play as a goat with a mouse companion who must solve the dungeon’s deadly puzzles to liberate the slumbering sheep and find the exit route.

As the goat, you can run, jump, and dash your way through the environment to avoid traps, pick up keys, and activate switches. Your companion mouse can climb walls, ceilings, and can fit through tight areas to draw enemy fire and hit remote switches. With the special magic hat power up, you can instantaneously transpose locations with one another.

The puzzles are diligently thought out and add an appropriate level of challenge without feeling impossible. Like many classic arcade games, each puzzle is contained to one screen, but puzzles are groups in sets and selectable from a Megaman-like central hub. Combined with the beautiful pixel art, Escape Goat would have fit right at home in an upright cabinet with the greatest games in late 70s and early 80s, but its addictive and rewarding gameplay easily transcends the generations. The standard game will last a little under 4 hours to complete, but that doesn’t account for the bonus challenge levels.

Through the level editor, you can create your own levels, or you can enjoy levels created by the active community giving legs to Escape Goat.

Ian Stocker, the self-dubbed red-mage style developer, is the brainchild behind everything at Magical Time Bean. He designed, conceptualized, and coded it all. A seasoned video game composer, Stocker’s tracks within Escape Goat are a point of excellence. The soundtrack suits the setting, the 8-bit feeling, and captures the essence of 80s video gaming to a T. Gamers can find the entire soundtrack on Bandcamp.

Escape Goat controls relatively well with a keyboard, but we do recommend using a controller to get the most out of your time spent with the game. The goat and mouse react and control with precision, so you will only die by your own mistakes.

For $5, puzzle platformer fans shouldn’t pass up Escape Goat. If you’re on the fence, we definitely recommend taking the plunge. The great pixel art, pristine controls in combination with the perfect puzzles and toe tapping soundtrack secure Escape Goat’s place among the greatest puzzle platformers in your collection.

For an extended discussion about Escape Goat along with even more footage of the game, be sure to check out our recent episode of Game Club.

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  • Name: Escape Goat
  • Available on: PC, XBLA
  • Developed by: Magical Time Bean
  • Published by: Magical Time Bean
  • Release Date: June 2012
  • Elder-Geek Score: 5 out of 5 / Worth Buying