vita 09 Jan

Echoing the vague and somewhat guarded nature of sales reporting we saw from Nintendo head Satoru Iwata earlier this week, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai recently announced that the Playstation Vita has performed so far “…on the low end of what we expected.” Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Hirai added that Playstation usually reserves their evaluations of a consoles’ success over a period of 5-10 years, emphasizing that, “Long term is what is important.”

The last concrete figures we received on the Vita were the 1.8 million units sold between its February US launch and the end of Sony’s fiscal year in March. Since then, the Vita was outsold by the PSP for a week in November in Japan, before tripling its figures the next week. According to Hirai, Vita sales over the crucial Black Friday/pre-Holiday season were “pretty much” in line with expectations, but did not provide any specific numbers.

(via Polygon)