Misc GunsNRoses Featurebanner 12 Feb

The San Marino Tribune reports that a judge has thrown out the case that Guns n’ Roses frontman Axl Rose filed against Guitar Hero-publisher Activision Blizzard in late 2010. The suit concerned Activision supposedly having promised not to include the likeness of former Guns n’ Roses member Slash or any music from his other projects, but featuring these in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock anyway. More details are included after the jump.

Rose filed the suit, which included a claim for $20 million, in November 2010. According to his laywers, Rose made it clear that he only gave permission for the usage of the rock-classic “Welcome to the Jungle” in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock on the condition that the game would not refer to any of his former bandmates or their respective projects. The game eventually used the likeness of Slash in-game and on the cover of the game, and featured music of Velvet Revolver, a band Slash and other former-Guns n’ Roses members set up after the group split in 1996. Apparently, Rose expressed his objections while the game was still in development, but the developer and publisher still went ahead in using the track.