Nintendo3ds 14 Mar

Last month a former Sony employee, Seijiro Tomita, sued Nintendo for infringing a patent for technology that generates 3D images without the need of 3D glasses. Joe Diamante – Tomita’s attorney – claimed that in 2003, Tomita demoed this technology to seven Nintendo officials, some of which would go on and help with developing the 3DS.

Nintendo’s defense attorney Scott Lindvall argued that the meeting in 2003 was only one of many regarding 3D technology and the 3DS technology lacks key points of Tomita’s patent. According to a Reuters report, a federal Jury in New York has found Nintendo guilty of infringing on Tomita’s patent, and now has ordered a payment of $30.2 million in damages to the former employee.

Nintendo has declined to comment on the ruling, while Diamante thanked the members of the jury for “their diligence and hard work”.

(via CVG)

Report filed by Thomas Coutts