UnityLogo 23 Mar

According to a post on the PlayStation blog by Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason, their recent partnership with Sony will bring optimized Unity development tools to Playstation platforms including PS3, PS4, and PS Mobile. Development tools will also be optimized to operate PS Vita controls, including the rear touch pad  According to the post, Unity games will be able to be ported to Sony devices without developers needing to rewrite the code from scratch.

David Helgason also commented in a statement about Sony’s continued efforts to support independent studios. “Sony Computer Entertainment is really committed to making their platforms approachable to all kinds of developers, so this partnership is going to make a lot of sense for both companies… and a lot of sense for the Unity community.” the statement read, in part. “They’re really focused on bringing the most creative studios, with an emphasis on independent developers, on board their platforms and we are leading the charge to make development awesome for studios of all sizes.”

(via CVG)

Report filed by Thomas Coutts