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According to Chinese company Tencent’s financial reports, last summer the company snatched up 48.4 percent of Epic Games’ available shares¬†for $330 million, giving them the right to nominate individuals to the game publisher’s board of directors.

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney¬†has since issued a statement to Polygon which read, in part, “As part of the investment, two Tencent representatives joined Epic’s board of directors, in addition to the three directors and two observers appointed by Epic. We’re thrilled to have a world-leading partner in Tencent, who gives Epic unique access to the Chinese market as we head into the next chapter of our 21-year history as a leading independent developer.”

Epic Games is the second US gaming investment from Tencent, the Chinese company having acquired Riot Games in 2011.

(Source: Polygon, via Joystiq)

Report filed by Thomas Coutts