KillerInstinctLogo 06 Apr

Microsoft and Fox have agreed to let their trademarks for Killer Instinct coexist, according to a filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The disagreement between the two companies started four months ago, when the Patent and Trademark Office denied Microsoft’s attempt for a Killer Instinct trademark due to the belief that there would be “a likelihood of confusion” with Fox’s short lived TV series of the same name. But Fox and Microsoft have mutually stated that they “do not believe confusion is likely”, since the trademarks would be be used in completely different circumstances. In their agreement, both companies have pledged to “take reasonable measure” when marketing and promoting their products “in such a way as to mitigate any likelihood of confusion between them.”

This is still nowhere near a confirmation of any intent on Microsoft’s part to actually do something with the Killer Instinct game license, but it is an opportunity to continue to hope, against our combined instincts.

(via Polygon)