NordicGamesLogo 22 Apr

Nordic Games is likely to have acquired “substantially all” of THQ’s remaining intellectual property; including games from the Darksiders, MX, and Red Faction series; as part of a $4.9 million bid which is pending court approval.

According to court documents, only two titles will not be going to Nordic Games, having received higher bids from other parties. Homeworld‘s highest bid was from Gearbox Software ($1.35 million), and Drawn to Life‘s was from 505 Games ($301K).

“The Debtors accepted Nordic’s offer of $4.9 million for substantially all the IP except two titles, Homeworld and Drawn to Life,” a court document reads, in part. “The bids for individual lots for the assets, excluding the Homeworld lot, did not exceed $4.9 million, and Nordic paid a premium over such individual bids to acquire the aggregate lots.”

After THQ’s initial bankruptcy auction, the company announced its remaining games and intellectual property would be auctioned off in 6 lots. The Darksiders, Red Faction, Homeworld and MX series each were in their own lot, while games such as Big Beach Sports, Destroy All Humans!, and Summoner were grouped into “Other Owned Software” and the likes of Marvel Super Hero Squad, Supreme Commander and Worms were placed into “Other Licensed Software”.

The initial bids were turned in late last week, with THQ noting that 17 final bids were received. Which, if approved by court and holders of claims against THQ, could bring in anywhere from $6 million to $7 million.

(via Polygon)