SonyGamescom2013 21 Aug

Sony’s Gamescom 2013 press conference began with a look at the PlayStation 4’s user interface, showcased by Shuhei Yoshida. He went through a few different menus before quickly joining a friend in a multiplayer match in Killzone Shadowfall.

Jim Ryan then came out to talk about Sony’s continuing commitment to PlayStation 3. A new trailer was shown for Gran Turismo 6 with the release date revealed as December 6th 2013. He also announced a feature film is going to be made based on the Gran Turismo franchise. The movie is being created by Polyphony Digital head Kazunori Yamauchi alongside filmmakers Mike de Luca and Dana Brunetti. Little Big Planet Hub was also announced with a new trailer, and there will be exclusive hardware and headset bundles for GTA V on PS3. Pre-orders of GTA V through the PlayStation store will also give users 75% off any other Rockstar title along with the pre-order DLC.

The conference then shifted focus to the PS Vita, with the announcement of Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate, Lego Marvel Super Heroes, Football Manager Classic 2014 and Borderlands 2 coming to the handheld. Starbound, Fez and Velocity 2X are also coming to both the PS Vita and PS4. The Vita is also getting a price drop down to €199, $199 and memory cards will also have a price drop.

Michael Denny then came out to show more exclusive Vita titles including MuraSaki Baby where players use the touch controls of the Vita to hold the main characters hand and lead them throughout the world. Big Fest is a free to play game where players create, build and manage the ultimate music festival with the goal of becoming the world’s greatest music promoter.

Mark Cerny was up next to talk about Sony’s continued support of the indie community with loaner dev kits and the pub fund. Self publishing will also give creators complete creative and financial control.

Shahid Ahmad then announced Rogue Legacy, Volume, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and Wasteland Kings will all make their console debut on PS4 and Vita next year. Guns of Icarus Online will make its console debut on PS4 and Binding of Isaac Rebirth will make its console debut on PS4 and Vita next spring with PlayStation Plus members getting it for free. N++ is also making its debut on PS4 this winter.

Michael Denny returned to show new trailers for The Chinese Room’s Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, Tequila Work’s Rime, Arrowhead Game Studios’ Helldivers and Housemarque’s RESOGUN. A reimagined version of the “iconic Amiga game” Shadow of the Beast is coming exclusive to PS4, and the previously announced Playroom will be pre-installed on all PS4’s at launch.

A new trailer was released for Infamous Second Son which was followed by new Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer gameplay showcasing customization.

It was then announced that Twitch and over 20 video services and apps are coming to Europe. Music Unlimited has also been enhanced to allow users to listen and control music while playing a game.

Jim Ryan also revealed that Sony is “entering into strategic partnerships with some of Europe’s leading ISPs.”

“Our plan is to offer a range of broadband packages to PS4 gamers that included reserved parts of the pipe for gaming, broadband speeds of up to 200mb/s and attractive PS4 and PlayStation Plus offerings,” he explained.

It was then revealed that every new PS4 will include a 14 day trial of PlayStation Plus, which will get users full access to the Instant Game Collection along with DriveClub and RESOGUN for free. Assassin’s Creed 3 is coming to PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection next month for the PS3. As an extra incentive to sign up for PlayStation Plus, Sony is offering European users an extra 90 days if they sign up for a year of PlayStation Plus.

A demo of Assassin’s Creed 4 was then shown, with the first half being played on the PS4 and the second half being played on the PS Vita through remote play. Yves Guillemot was then brought on stage and he announced a partnership with Sony to create a feature film based on Watch Dogs. PlayStation players will also get an exclusive outfit and mission in Watch Dogs.

Minecraft was then announced for PS4 at launch, and the free to play MMO War Thunder is also coming to the console.

Andrew House then came out to announce the PS4 will launch in 32 countries this holiday season, with North America getting the console on the 15th of November, and it will launch in Europe from the 29th of November.