Xbox One’s RAM Not Being Upgraded To 12GB

10 Aug, 2013

Microsoft’s product planning manager, Albert Penello, has confirmed that the Xbox One is not getting a RAM upgrade from 8GB to 12GB like many rumors have suggested.

The rumors began after Penello discussed the Xbox One’s specs last month on NeoGAF. “I would like to pose this question to the audience”, he wrote, in part. “There are several months until the consoles launch, and [as] any student of the industry will remember, specs change.”

“Given the rumored specs for both systems, can anyone conceive of a circumstance or decision one platform holder could make, where despite the theoretical performance benchmarks of the components, the box that appears “weaker” could actually be more powerful”

Penello has since debunked the rumors about Microsoft upgrading the Xbox One’s RAM to 12GB, in a post on Twitter.

“Glad you all like headset. We’re not going to 12gb, just to be clear. Feeling great about game performance – stuff is looking killer.”

(via VG247)

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