HeavyRain 04 Sep

Speaking at the BAFTA Annual Games Lecture in London today, Quantic Dream founder David Cage  indicated that Microsoft was at one point involved in the development of what would later become Heavy Rain, the Playstation 3-exclusive from 2010. Polygon reports that at this lecture, Cage stated that French studio was working closely with Microsoft after the release of Fahrenheit, known as Indigo Prophecy in North America, and both parties were excited to be working together. Eventually, Microsoft backed out of the project as Cage says they “got scared” when the studio wanted to have the game revolve around the kidnapping of child.

Cage continued that Microsoft “didn’t want the scandal” they expected to come with a game based on the subject matter, but his studio was able to successfully start a partnership with Sony to get the title released. Cage managed to convince Sony that Heavy Rain was meant would be a “really emotional experience, but [its themes] shouldn’t be vulgar.” He added that both parties “could understand each other and this is how Heavy Rain happened.”

Cage did add that he still regards Microsoft as a great company, and that both parties simply had different visions on what they wanted to achieve with the game. Right now, Quantic Dream is preparing to launch a new Playstation 3-exclusive title, Beyond: Two Souls, which is slated for a release on October 8th.