NaughtyDogLogo 06 Mar

IGN reported earlier, citing “trusted sources”, that Uncharted writer and director Amy Hennig departed Naughty Dog on March 3rd.

Sony has since confirmed that Hennig has left the studio, however her departure will not impact the development of Uncharted.

“Amy has made significant contributions to the game industry and we appreciate all she has done for Naughty Dog,” the company said in a statement. “The development timeline of Uncharted will not be impacted.”

IGN’s sources claim that Hennig was “forced out” of the company by The Last of Us leads Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, who will be take over the next Uncharted title set for PS4. Hennig has been working in the video game industry for over 25 years and has worked on titles including Jak and Daxter and the Legacy of Kain series.

(via CVG)