Frostbite3Wall 02 Apr

Electronic Arts chief operating officer Peter Moore has issued an apology to Nintendo for April fools’ jokes made on the Frostbite Engine Twitter account earlier today.

“Frostbite now runs on the #WiiU since it is the most powerful Gen4 platform, our renderer is now optimized for Mario and Zelda,” read one of the posts on the account. There were also two more Wii U-focused messages: One read, “Frostbite will power #HalfLife3, coming out summer 2014! #WiiU exclusive.” The other said, “Good news, we have finally fixed and optimized our ‘netcode’. Uses quantum entanglement for Zero Latency connections. Exclusively on #WiiU.”

The Twitter posts have since been deleted, and EA COO Peter Moore issued an apology, saying: “Our apologies to partners @NintendoAmerica & fan @FrostbiteEngine ’s poor attempt at April Fools not condoned by EA : unacceptable/ stupid”

EA originally supported the Wii U, however in May 2013 announced it had no games in development for the console suggesting the company’s focus was shifting primarily to other platforms.

(via GameInformer)