XboxSkypeSnap 21 May

Snap support has been added for Skype in the Xbox One’s latest system update, Microsoft has announced.

The Xbox One’s snap feature allows and app to be brought up on the side of the screen, while still using the remainder of the screen to continue playing games or watching movies.

Now, thanks to the system’s latest update users can play games or watch movies while having a Skype chat window on the side of the screen. As well as video chat support, users in an audio call will have easy access to options when the app is snapped such as inviting other people, muting your microphone and hanging up.

Microsoft recently confirmed an Xbox One without Kinect would be released next month for $399. The company also announced that many of the console’s entertainment apps would no longer require an Xbox Live Gold account, including Netflix, HBO Go and Machinima.

(via Gamespot)