StarWarsBattlefrontLogo 07 May

During an investor call today, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed that the Star Wars: Battlefront game being developed by DICE will be shown at this years E3.

Wilson said that the game is “coming along very well,” but the team has “lots of work to go”. He went on to confirm the developer will show the title at E3 along with other major titles.

The Star Wars: Battlefront game was officially announced at last year’s E3, with a brief teaser set on the frozen planet Hoth. The game is being developed at DICE’s core Stockholm studio by veteran developers of the Battlefield franchise.

The game will be on of the first Star Wars titles to come from EA’s exclusive publishing agreement with Disney, with other Star Wars games being developed at Visceral Games and BioWare.

Wilson revealed that a “major new game” planned to release this year will be unveiled at the expo as well. He said it was in development at a “flagship developer”, and will receive a “live reveal” at E3 on June 9th.

(via CVG)