BobbyKotick_Activision 17 Jul

Vivendi executives considered firing Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick last May over the sale of Vivendi’s stake back to Activision, Bloomberg reports.

Translated emails from a June court filing that alleges Kotick threatened to quit if director’s did not allow him to lead an investor group which bought out most of Vivendi’s stock for $8.2 billion.

“Activision’s board of directors supports the ongoing leadership of the company by Bobby Kotick and Brian Kelly, who are the most effective executives in the interactive entertainment industry,” a company spokeswoman told Polygon. “The recent transaction restructuring the company’s ownership has received widespread market support.”

In the lawsuit, Activision shareholder Anthony Pacchia and other shareholders claim that Kotick and his group failed to uphold their duties to shareholders by “approving a self-dealing and unfair transaction.”

In the suit, emails show that then Vivendi CEO Jean-Francois Dubos asked via email, “I really wonder who’s going to fire him.” Philippe Capron, Then Vivendi CFO and Activision chairman replied, “Myself, happily. Tomorrow if you want.”

The $8.2 billion deal went through successfully, and left Kotick in control of the company again.

(via Polygon)