Minecraft_PS4-01 18 Sep

4J Studios has announced that an update has been made to the PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft which allows players to transfer their saved worlds to the PlayStation 4 version.

“A small update for #MinecraftPS3 is rolling out now,” the studio wrote on Twitter. “It adds a feature allowing save transfer of PS3 worlds for #MinecraftPS4.”

The PS4 version of Minecraft was released in early September, without the ability to transfer worlds from last-gen to current-gen unlike the Xbox 360 and Xbox One version.

4J Studios is the developer who handled the console ports of Minecraft and owners of the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions received a discount for the current-gen counterpart.

Earlier this week, Minecraft developer Mojang announced that it had been acquired by Microsoft in a deal worth $2.5 billion. Xbox head Phil Spencer reassured fans and said that the company will continue to support Minecraft across all platforms.

(via CVG)