Battlefield4_DLC 23 Oct

In November 2013, a lawsuit was brought against Electronic Arts alleging that the company deceived investors with “misleading” statements on the state of Battlefield 4‘s development prior to its troubled launch.

According to Ars Technica, US District Judge Susan Illston of San Francisco has ruled that the statements in question were “non-actionable vague expression of corporate optimism and puffery upon which no reasonable investor would rely. ”

The lawsuit was directed at statements made by EA executives between May 7th and July 23rd 2013, that claimed “EA had ‘de-risked’ the technology problems that had caused past botched game launches and console transitions.”

“The Court agrees with defendants that all of the purported misstatements are inactionable statements of opinion, corporate optimism, or puffery,” Illston ruled on Monday.

(via CVG)