halo_mcc_h2 10 Feb

343 Industries has announced that it will no longer beta test content updates for Halo: The Master Chief Collection with a select group of players in favor of releasing the updates faster.

“After further evaluation, the team has determined that that final testing for the content update will be completed internally, and we will not be conducting a beta test for the next CU,” community manager Andy Dudynsky wrote, in part. “Also, it was determined that the additional time and work devoted to the beta would’ve actually postponed the public availability of the content update. Lastly, there were some added challenges surrounding the CU beta – including an extra series of required updates and rollbacks – that made us take a step back and reexamine the CU beta.”

Halo: The Master Chief Collection was launched in November for the Xbox One and included four full Halo titles. The launch was plagued by multiplayer issues and 343 Industries has offered free content for early adopters and released several updates to address the problems.

(via GameInformer)