03 May

Linden Lab, the developer of the virtual social platform Second Life has announced that despite a shrinking market, the virtual world continues to grow. In 2009, user-to-user transactions were up 65% compared to the year before, to a total of $567 million. These types of transactions between players, or ‘residents’ as they are known within […]

28 Sep

Ever the leader in the micro-transaction business model, online social empire Second Life has just reported its sales have pushed beyond the $1 billion mark. Linden Lab,  the minds behind the project, have also reported that the virtual economy grew an impressive 94% between the 2008 and 2009 second fiscal quarters. “Now at nearly USD50 […]

19 Jun

Now even the visually impaired can enjoy the social spectrum of the virtual space known as Second Life…really. The PC social gaming environment has just released details on a new virtual guide dog to be in use when blind users log on. Using text-to-speech interactivity software, the dog, a german shepard named Max, can relay […]