23 Sep

The Supreme Court’s decision to look into the case of Swarzenegger vs. EMA has brought forth over 200 trade organizations and video game developers to issue statements (or more official measures like amicus briefs) on the case. Now, the world’s largest video game publisher, Activision Blizzard, has issued an official statement on the matter as […]

22 Sep

As the November 2nd Supreme Court examination of Swarzenegger vs. EMA looms on the horizon, representatives from over 180 organizations have come out in support for the continued self-regulation of the video game industry. Notable voices are coming from the Motion Picture Association of America, as well as First Ammendment advocacy groups and legal researchers. […]

09 Sep

The Entertainment Merchants Association has confirmed that the Supreme Court will see the violent video games case presented by the State of California on November 2nd. The case – Schwarzenegger vs. ESA – is attempting to establish federal regulation of video games that are deemed violent to minors; while proponents on the other side are […]

22 Jul

While still under review by the Supreme Court, California’s proposed restriction of “violent” (which they define as any game that depicts the “killing, maiming, dismembering or sexually assaulting an image of a human being”) video game sales to minors has garnered both major controversy and support. Since its acceptance into the Court, the attorneys general […]