11 Aug

Gaming website IGN recently reported details on the Game of the Year Edition for Media Molecule’s PS3-exclusive platformer, LittleBigPlanet, via a listing on Amazon.com. While the pre-order page has since been stripped from the online retailer’s archive, the listing did lend itself credibility with the presence of a reputable looking box art picture (attached below.) The listing promises the imaginative toolbox title at a reduced $50 price tag, with an advertised “$30 of bonus content” included. While retail specifics have not been cemented beyond the pre-order page, the current details are line with rumored plans. The exact batches of downloadable content included in the box are still up to speculation, the most logical ones to make the cut would be those to feature new in-game props in addition to levels and costumes, like the Metal Gear Solid IV content: Paintinator: Paint of the Patriots.