Misc SonyTease Featurebanner 21 Feb

Sony unveiled the Playstation 4, new Dualshock, and a host of platform features at their New York event earlier today

ps-logo[1] 15 Aug

Several new IPs and sequels to existing franchises were revealed during Sony’s Gamescom press conference, which was held the day before the yearly consumer show in Cologne, Germany kicked off. A lot of attention went to Sony’s line-up for the Playstation Vita. Alongside several new games, a Sony announced that it would soon be launching […]

01 Jul

Looks like two games were enough for the original creators of Sackboy. In a brief Q&A with Edge Online at Gamelab 2011 (in Barcelona, Spain), Media Molecule’s Siobhan Reddy announced the team at Media Molecule will be looking elsewhere for their next game. No word on how this change will affect continued support for the […]